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Kids Coding is a comprehensive after school program developed and managed by JOB Foundation to get students excited about learning to code and, transforming code into fun and play. We inspire students to understand and appreciate that they live in a decade of tremendous disruption and convergence as well as robotics, digitization and ML and AI in analytics


For communities interested in possibilities of promoting a community based initiative, we continue to develop robust programs and strategies that will motivate kids to be excited about coding

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Mission and Vision

Building and maintaining strategic partnership with school authorities and faith based organizations to support, strengthen and, expand learning and coding in elementary schools, JSS and SHS. We are also helping kids to be better prepared to use their skills and knowledge to contribute to make their communities a better place to live and tackle the world’s bigger problems

Strategic Partners

Kids Coding offers unique opportunities for companies that want to highlight their thought leadership and interest to support make coding exciting for kids. Partner with us today for enormous opportunities in developing, designing and building cool stuff with kids from diverse background

Prempeh Academy


Seeking to partner with individuals and organisation with great interest to inspire kids interest in coding 

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