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Kids Coding offers strategic programs formulated to assist and prepare students to focus on basic education while critically and digitally exploring their community as part of the global system. We leverage research and best practices to engage students daily to ensure that children are well prepared to meet the challenges of this decade of digitization and understand the future. While remaining committed to ethical change and social development, we also prepare kids to understand and focus on food security, public health, role of global economics and politics, human rights, peace and conflict, gender equality, sustainability among others.


Our team of dedicated tutors work tirelessly to ensure that every student is supported one-on-one. We are committed to teaching basic and fundamental coding at all times and offer students the opportunity to participate in the following four block project based


Partner with us to promote and make coding easy for kids 

Project and Academic Enrichment Curriculum 


We live in project-based world where our life is defined by successful completion of projects. Our project based curriculum is dynamic and designed to inspire students in critical thinking while focusing on the 5W and H to investigate and respond to a real, engaging, complex and challenging question or problem of their choice. Students apply knowledge in STEAM and skills such as communication, collaboration and creativity to work through the following logical timeline to present findings and conclusions



During this period, students will research and use elements and principles of design for in-depth exploration and better understanding of what, why, when, who, what and how of coding, business, politics, culture, and social life


Students build on early experiences observing the world around them as they continue to make observations that are more qualitative and quantitative in nature to help them identify why some changes occur


With better understanding of circumstances and great coding skills, students will be able to build or infer a conclusion and start robot building project. Project is completely owned, managed and developed by students utilizing information with which they have gathered over the period

Third Calendar Quarter

T’is the season for open house for students to showcase projects and accomplishments while parents also have the opportunity to interact and learn more about how coding is helping families and can be used for community improvement

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